If You Like Bach, Then You May Also Like…


"What would classical music look like if we were always searching for our next favorite composer? By broadcasting the composers discussed here, organizations such as New Muses Project and WQXR seek to expand the small percentage of composers who are performed, taught, and discussed in the twenty-first century. [This article features] nine hand-picked composer recommendations from New Muses Project, and who knows? One of them might even become your next favorite composer!"

Shoutout LA
Meet Gloria Yin | Musician, Founder & Creative


"When my friend and colleague Joe Lerangis casually remarked that it would be cool to have a website which could make composer recommendations (“if you like JS Bach, you’ll love Wilhelmine von Bayreuth!”) to encourage curiosity and diversity, I thought, well I can do that. Together we quickly realized the educational potential for this website, if we fleshed it out with good research and quality recordings, and so New Muses Project was born."

Cornell News
New Muses Project injects diversity into classical music choices


"The goal of both the web platform and the recording series is not to help our users find a composer with a specific background or identity, but rather to find a composer whose music they can fall in love with, whose story can inspire them, and to harness that love to shift the paradigm for good."

George Mason School of Music
GMU Music Graduate Co-Founds New Muses Project


"Perhaps [Cockrell's] proudest accomplishment, however, is co-founding the New Muses Project, a collective that aims to encourage justice-focused radical curiosity in classical music by providing a streamlined database that is free and open to the public as well as other initiatives."

Cornell University
Lerangis co-founds New Muses Project


"Co-founded by Gloria Yin, Rhianna Cockrell, and Cornell Assistant Professor Joe Lerangis, New Muses Project announces the launch of a brand-new educational, exploratory platform for the exploration of the works of diverse composers from across the centuries of classical music."

The Violin Channel
New York's Kaufman Music Center Presents Concert of Diverse Composers


"Hosted on August 28, the concert will celebrate the launch of a new database, which allows users to engage with the works of diverse composers."